Treating more than just illness, pediatricians offer adolescent patients critical support and guidance during these important years of physical, mental, and emotional development. Even if your tween or teen is healthy, it's important to establish regular visits with a pediatrician to discuss current development and future milestones.

Saint Alphonsus pediatricians, Naya Antink, Shana Tubach, and Merle Keller, share the importance of routine visits as an opportunity to discuss physical and emotional development with your child. Pediatricians are a great source for objective and reliable information – advocating for your child while supporting your efforts as a parent.

Hear from the Marcham family and the benefits they value in having an established, ongoing relationship with their teens' doctor. And Naylissa Bradford, a teen navigating the challenges of school and social life during the pandemic.

Whether your tween or teen has a Saint Alphonsus pediatrician, or you would like to establish them with one, you can schedule online with a provider now and set them up for success later in life.

Hear from Saint Alphonsus pediatricians and patient families how routine visits can help set tweens and teens up for success later in life.